Sunday,16 June,2019
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I don’t mind my expensive car. Life is about family and friends :)

In this video, we could see a guy driving his flashy car. When he got out from his car, he was welcomed by one of the staffs in the hotel. Then, the staff was tempted to get inside the car.You must not worry about your car because this video will prove that insurance really makes you less –worried in times when your car breaks down.

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Unfortunately when he was inside the car, he accidentally touched the control of the car. Then, the accident happened. But, you would be surprised by the reaction of the man. He did not mind and worry about the broken car.

When he looked at the direction of his car, he saw someone closer to his heart. It might be a friend whom he has not seen for a long time. The man was not even moved by sadness when he saw his car broke into pieces. Instead, he just shrugged it off.

This advertisement is selling insurance particularly car insurance. This might convince car owners to have their cars insured for a particular time. This will also guarantee that their cars will be protected when they meet accident or anything that would lead to the damage of their cars. In this event, they are more confident about their car’s security.

Aside from this, the video is also relatable to our daily living. We, people, should also take good care of not just our car but also of our health. We should remember that we are only given one life, and we must not waste it in doing unnecessary things or things that might destroy our body system. However, accidents happen unexpectedly, and we do not wish them to happen. That’s why we should find means to secure our safety or even our life.

So, why not apply for insurance? You might need it in the future.

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