Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Yes, She Took A Nasty Fall But No One Can Control A Determined Girl Not To Win The Race

As a runner you need a vigorous training to keep going even when it’s hard. You need to keep going even if it hurts and even you stumble and fall. And it is very hard to understand the idea of beating the other runners around. Later on you will learn that the competition is against the voice inside that want to quit.

When you fall, all you need is to rise up and fearlessly show off your relentless forward progress. That was the true essence of the video below. Here, you will see how a girl takes a terrible fall during a race but still she manages to get up and believe it or not she won the competition. This simply shows the girl’s determination and courage to keep going. Remember, in man’s life, you have to understand that a man’s life is like a race too.

(h/t: Gordon Attard)

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