Wednesday,19 June,2019
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“Emma, Stop using paper. Everyone’s using the tablet.”

If you were thinking that this is a video about a busy woman, you would definitely correct yourself after watching this video. This is not all about a hardworking or a loving woman who is always in the service of her husband. But, what is featured in this video will lure you to amazement.

“Emma, Stop using paper. Everyone’s using the tablet.”

In the process, you will smile while watching this video. Well, this is all about the essence of commercial or advertisement. You will definitely get amazed how tricky advertisement can be in the eyes of other people. So, how about this video?

The video features a husband who has always been fascinated with using tablet. He is a tech-savvy while Emma, his wife, is fond of using papers as notes. This made the husband reacts to her. He wanted to make Emma use tablet instead of using papers for different notes. Each time Emma would do something on paper, he usually calls her attention. It also came to a point that Emma has been annoyed of her husband’s constant reminder.

Emma has contemplated of her husband’s reminder until such time that an incident happened. This will make you laugh out loud especially when the husband has forgotten to check the tissue paper inside the bathroom. Then, he immediately called for Emma. Then, what happened next is just ridiculous that you could not contain an outburst of laughter.

But, reality strikes at this video. We all have been enchanted by technology. We forget that everything in this world has been essential through the years. Just consider this commercial which will make us realize that technology has not always been guaranteed the best.

In this video, the use of paper is really important. There are things that cannot be used at all times. Paper in this video is not just an ordinary thing. Tissue paper like Le Trefle is one of the best!

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