Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Another Filipino Pride “Dianne Kaye Jacob Ico”

It was truly a performance to remember for teenager Dianne Kaye Jacob Ico who was given the golden buzzer by the judges for her rendition of the bittersweet ballad ”Memory”, the most famous song from the musical Cats, in Got Talent España on Sunday. The talent show is Spain’s version of the popular ”Got Talent” franchise which is aired on local TV channel Telecinco.

Dianne Kaye Jacob Ico, who’s only fourteen years old and a Filipina, impressed the audience and at least three of the judges with her amazing performance. Earning the golden buzzer means she’ll be heading straight to the semi-finals; a real reason to love “Memory” more. Impressed judge Jorge Javier Vázquez pressed the golden buzzer which was loudly cheered on by the audience.

But prior to the pressing of the buzzer that would change Ico’s chance towards the semi-finals, the four judges voiced out their assessment on the girl’s performance onstage.

Let’s watch her get that golden buzzer!

Three judges – Eva Hache, Spanish pop star Edurne, and Jorge Javier Vázquez – were in agreement that the lass gave a wonderful rendition of the difficult song; with showmanship and excellent diction among the plusses. However, judge Jesus Vázquez, while he also praised the girl’s voice quality, said he was not totally impressed and that Ico was a bit off key — perhaps nervous.

Coming to her defense, the Spanish pop star Edurne said that “Memory” was ‘a difficult song to sing but Ico sang it so well in tune.’

Obviously, the young lady won the hearts of the three judges, especially Jorge Javier Vázquez who even went out of his way to seek Ico backstage for some warm hugs of congratulations and encouragement.

The long-haired girl is in high school and was born to Filipino parents who hail from Ilocos and Dagupan. The talented teen was born and raised in Barcelona but that doesn’t make her less of a Filipino, right?

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