Sunday,16 June,2019
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Kids Trying To Dress Themselves For The First Time

There’s something undeniably cute about watching kids trying to dress themselves – because they just can’t help but mess it up. Hell, I’m a grown ass man with a wife and a kid and I’m constantly looking to her for the outfit head nod of approval before I walk out the door.

The kids seemed intimidated by the task and do not know how to put on piece of clothing. One kid tries very hard to get her head out of the t-shirt’s hole for the head and was really glad when she got it right. One kid can’t put her arm in the hole and tries to walk, shouting for mommy. A kid wore his pants over his head.

When you give them the opportunity, kids will try to do anything on their own. In this case, it’s the result of asking them to put on whatever clothes they choose, all by themselves. Seriously, how adorable are these kids. Their antics are will surely brighten up your day.

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