Monday,17 June,2019
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This French Bulldog Struggles To Stay Awake As She Goes For A Morning Drive With Her Owner

It’s really hard to stay awake when you really wanted to sleep yet the sun is still up. Your eyelids become heavy and your limbs are losing strength but you still struggle to stay wake because you it’s not yet the time to sleep. If you have experienced it, you are not alone.

This 3-month-old Blue Sable and Tan French Bulldog named Effie is struggling to stay awake as she goes for a morning drive with her owner to get a coffee. Sitting at the front seat, this bulldog is trying to open her eyes. It seems that she needs a coffee more than her human.

This French Bulldog is obviously sleepy and needs some extended time to sleep. Well, she must get some cup of coffee too. Check out her video below.


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