Monday,27 May,2019
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Try To Witness How Funny Americans Sing Filipino Song “Halik” By Aegis

Aegis is a band in the Philippines. Their successful singles include “Luhà” (“Tears”), “Halík” (“Kiss”), and “Basáng-basâ sa Ulán” (“Drenched in the Rain”). This band is a Filipino band of six members, composed of 4 girls and a guy. The band was originally called AG’s Sound Tripper, derived from the last names of managers Abenoja-Galindo. The second purpose why Aegis because its literary meaning is Shield or Protection.

Nothing can stop their popularity because almost Filipino knows how to sing their song. Aegis does not remain stagnant but shared their music and entered the international scene. They have been performing concerts here and abroad. In this video below, Americans can also sing one of their hit songs “halik”. Try to take a look and have fun watching them singing.

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