Wednesday,16 January,2019
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Girl with mental telekinetic power, unleashed its force in a coffee shop. (This is a funny prank, BTW)

The world will get shocked about this video. Who would have thought that these things will be happening in the real world? The people who are inside the coffee shop were flabbergasted about the incident that happened in that particular time or day.

Girl with mental telekinetic power, unleashed its force in a coffee shop. (This is a funny prank, BTW)

It was one fateful day when they got to experience a nerve-wracking situation that has left them in immense surprise. But, that was just a creation of an ingenious mind. Everything has been planted to surprise the people. It really ended in commotion among the customers of the shop.

The use of telekinesis in various films has added to special effects in the films. Movie makers have used different techniques through special effects. It makes movies more attracting to people, and amazes everyone with such astounding effects.

As incorporated in the video, telekinesis is the ability to directly influence objects with the use of our mind. We use this ability to move and vibrate objects. We can also use telekinesis to manipulate time, elements, space and energy. Moreover, this ability can also be used to distort material items and it has been cited to manipulate random number generators.

The term is first used in order to explain the movement of objects by ghosts, spirits and the like. Moreover, for the coming years, the term psychokinesis came into use which could occur anywhere. This term has been used as the more all-encompassing term whereas Telekinesis can be related only to moving objects through no physical means.

Various films adopted this ability. One of these movies is the “Chronicle”. As we learn this ability, we are required to have more focused. We must meditate and practice frequently though it is not required from us. So, this might have been a challenge to each one of us. Focus is very important since it will bring us to greater things in life. Eventually, we would feel the effect.

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