Monday,17 June,2019
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He was alone as if the world has forsaken him, then finally came a helping hands…

After watching this video, I almost broke into sobs. This is a beautiful clip that introduces us to the reality that life is sometimes unpredictable and cruel. When we have thought that we had almost everything, we met an unexpected event in our lives that would change everything from our perceptions to our attitude towards life.

He was alone as if the world has forsaken him, then finally came a helping hands…

There comes a time when we believe that our life has been almost perfect and we did not think of possibilities that might ruin everything. But everything seems so unrealistic because life is not always bed of roses. Consider this video as one of the many evidences that life’s happenings are inevitable.

When Woody’s owner died, he was left abandoned and lonely. He was trapped in the possibilities that in any time of the day he would die because of the lack of water and food. He was loveless. He was solitary. He was alone as if the world has forsaken him. Not until fate has played a vital role in changing the course of his life. In fact, God has sent his mercy through beautiful people who have served as His instruments of goodness and mercy. The Hope for Paws organization has twisted his fate, from endless and vague possibilities into clear and directed future.

After the rescue, Lisa Chiarelli served as his surrogate mother. She has nursed Woody and has given him food, water and everything that he needs in life. He has now become happy. Hope has sprung from his heart as if he welcomes the world with a positive outlook and a perception that make him extraordinarily happy. He has begun to see that there is a bright future that awaits him.

Our life resembles a dramatic film in which our prelude seems to be vague and uncertain but the climax has made us ecstatic. Indeed, life has endless possibilities!

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