Sunday,16 June,2019
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Her father surprise performance made everyone cried…

We can never be with our parents forever for everything has been changing. Cliché may it seem but our journey in life continues as we embark on another journey not with our parents but with someone owho has hooked our heart. This someone will eventually become our partner in life as we create our own family and live happily ever after.

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But during our marriage, we get to become emotional as we bid farewell to the life we have spent with our parents. For women, they would really miss the company of their dad who has protected them throughout the years of their lives. Their father has become their hero until someone has come to be their husband.

This is just one of the emotional things that women would experience during their wedding. It is the time when their father has finally bid farewell to them. In the video, you can see a woman who happens to be a sign interpreter gets married. She gets emotional when her dad has prepared something for her wedding. It was even so special because her dad has practiced more than a year just to master the sign language of the song.

This is a beautiful reminder of a father’s love to her daughter. No matter how hard it is to let go of her daughter who has become a princess in his heart. He is still there in the most special occasion of her life. The daughter must have been so lucky to have a very loving father who is willing to do everything for his daughter.

When we get so close with our own father, we become so emotional during our wedding day. This is because we could no longer be with our father. We move forward to see our future with our loving husband and wife as we make our own happy family. A salute to the love of this father!

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