Tuesday,21 May,2019
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Here Are The 30 Things You Can’t Avoid But Look Forward To When You Turn 30—Funny & Terrifying!

When you were a little child, there is nothing to worry about. You can sleep and play all day. And I don’t see why some kids want to grow up so fast. They can’t wait to grow up. They’re supposed to enjoy being a kid while they can because when they’ll reach the age of 20 and above, they will eventually say they no longer want to be an adult.

When we reach past the teenage age, we don’t want our age to be published anywhere. We start praying for time to stop and for years not to add to our age. Our 20’s can be quiet okay but turning 30 is terrifying. Do you want to know why? Try to watch the video below and here are the 30 things you can’t avoid but look forward to when you turn 30.

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