Sunday,16 June,2019
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Lucky Reasons Why We Should Not Get Rid Of “House Lizard”

It is said that God speaks to devotees through several modes, one of the most prominent modes being the vocalising made by the lizards. In some homes, it is still believed that their ancestors and gods visit their house and reside there in the puja room or the other places to watch over the people and indicate good and bad omens to them during important occasions.

In this way, the falling of lizard on various parts of the body and the vocalising of the lizard at different places of the house carry different meanings and these are some symbolic messages that are conveyed to the inmates of the house.

Lizards are found very commonly in most of our homes. They stick around on the walls and feed on the insects that they come across. But, they are harmless and innocent. Therefore, instead of questioning whether it is sensible not to kill lizards, we must only appreciate the good intention behind this belief.

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