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Proven Herbal Remedy: “Perfume Tree” Commonly Known As “Ilang-Ilang” In The Philippines

Ilang-ilang is a medium-sized tree with pendulous branches, and leafy twigs. Flowers are fragrant, axillary, in umbellate hanging clusters, with three sepals and six petals, twisted when young and drooping when mature. Leaves are dark green, alternate, simple, entire. Fruit is black in color, in axillary clusters, fleshy and olive-like, with six to 12 seeds in each fruit.

• Essential oil considered antidepressant, antiseborrheic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, nervine and sedative.
• Studies have suggested antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibiofilm, anti-inflammatory, antivector, antidiabetic, antimelanogenesis, cytotoxic, antifertility, insecticidal properties.

Parts used
Flowers, bark, oil.

– Oil Used for a variety of infectious and skin diseases, acne and scalp conditions.
– Sedative and antidepressant.
– Reduces sebum in oily skin.
– Use for insect bite.
– Bark decoction used for rheumatism, ophthalmia, ulcers and fevers.

– In Java and Vietnam, dried flowers used to treat malaria.
– Reportedly used to decrease blood pressure.
– In India, used topically to relieve itching and also to treat dandruff.
– In Tonga and Samoa, bark used to treat stomach ailments and as a laxative.
– In Papua New Guinea, bark decoction used to treat gout.
– In Tonga and Samoa, bark decoction used as laxative.
– In Java, flowers used for malaria, and fresh flowers, pounded into a paste, used for asthma.

• Oil / Fragrance: Primary commercial product is the oil distilled for the perfume industry. Oil is used as a fragrance for cosmetics (1% in perfumes), soaps, shampoos, creams and lotions. Oil also used as flavoring agent for beverages, ice cream, candies and baked goods.
• Aromatherapy: Essential oil used in aromatherapy, with claims of usefulness for depression, breathing problems, hypertension, and anxiety.

• Also regarded as an aphrodisiac. In some Asian countries, the flowers are laid out in matrimonial beds.
• An ingredient in motion sickness medicine, MotionEaze.
• Ornamental: Fragrant flowers used in making lei and headdresses.
• Wood: Wood is used in making small canoe parts, furniture, fuel wood and cordage.

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