Thursday,25 April,2019
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Someone Invented This Insane Face Blanket To Help People Sleep Comfortably


Image Source: YouTube

We are now living in the generation where a lot of people are extremely obsessed on making their lives comfortable. Of course, we all wanted to have a comfortable life but we don’t want to exchange our shame for the sake of it. Would you use a product that will make you comfortable even though you would look hilarious? If you probably do, this sleeping product might help.

In this commercial, we are introduced to a Face blanket which we can use to make us more comfortable while sleeping. However, you would look funny. It was cleverly designed with a hole to allow you to breathe and you will much likely avoid the possibility of suffocation. It looks like a tiny and normal blanket with a hole.


If you are interested to buy one, it costs $9.99. This product not only allows you to hide your face, but also your shame. But I know, some people needs this, especially those who used to sleep with blankets on their head.

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