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Good Reasons Why You Should Plant More “Jewelweed (Kamantigue)” In Your Yard

The Philippine medicinal herb kamantigue, also known as garden balsam, is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia belonging to the family Balsaminaceae (Touch-me-not family). With little doubt, Philippine national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal – being a medical doctor, dedicated naturalist, and a garden enthusiast – would have been familiar with the ornamental value and medicinal properties of the kamantigue. As a well travelled scholar in Europe, he too would have known of the closely related species Impatiens noli-tangere.

Leaves and seeds are edible: leaves and young shoots are cooked; the seeds raw or cooked.

· In the Philippines, pounded leaves used as poultice to dissolve whitlow.
· In Malaya, leaves used for poulticing broken and torn nails.
· In China, powdered seeds are prescribed for difficult labor.
· Flowers used for snake bites, lumbago, and intercostal neuralgia.
· For contusion, painful inflammation, joint pains, carbuncles, dysmenorrhea, lumbago, and snake bites: use dried flowers, 3 to 6 gms or seed preparation, 3 to 7 gms or the entire plant, 9 to 15 gms, boil to decoction and drink.

· Seed is expectorant; used for cancer treatments.
· For external use on any bruise or painful area; crush fresh plant and poultice the affected parts of the body.
· Leaf juice used for treatment of warts.
· Root and leaves used for various foreign bodies – coins or other metals inadvertently swallowed, as well as thorns or fish splinters.
· In the U.S. the most common use of jewel weed is to treat poison ivy rashes.
• Dye: Dyes is obtained from flowers and leaves. In parts of Asia, flowers are used as a substitute for Henna for dyeing finger-nails.

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