Tuesday,18 December,2018
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This Lamb Thinks She Is A Dog After Being Adopted

Sheep are considered by the society as commodities so they don’t get the right treatment as other animals have. They are raised for meat, milk and wool that’s why they don’t enjoy the life of a normal animal.  But Pet the lamb has just escaped that life. Thanks to Border Collie and family who adopted him.

Mairi Mackenzie was the real owner of Pet but she brought her to Border Collie to keep her warm after struggling to survive following her birth. It didn’t took them long to adopt Pet under their house. After months, Pet now behaves like their other dogs.

In the video below, she was seen playing with other dogs and she was even wagging her tail. She already forgot that she is a sheep. Watch her video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y2ZxgJNlWs?enablejsapi=1&rel=0]

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