Thursday,25 April,2019
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You’ve Probably Never Seen An Amazing Lion Dance Like This Before

I’m sure you are familiar with lion dance, a traditional dance in the Chinese culture which is usually performed on Chinese New Year or other important events like weddings, business openings and many more for it is said to bring luck and fortune. Well, the lion dance has also brought luck to “KST Dance Troupe” from Singapore when they joined the Asia’s Got Talent.

“KST Dance Troupe” performed a dragon dance during the audition and it was  not just an ordinary dragon dance. The giant costumed lion hops on the narrow platforms and does unbelievable stunts. It was breathtaking and one of the judges, David Foster was even quoted saying: “This is what I came to Asia for!”

Watch their epic and one of a kind lion dance on the video below.


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(H/T: Asia’s Got Talent)

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