Thursday,24 May,2018
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This Local Indigenous Vegetable Helps To Fight And Stop Cancer- Amazing

Lupo is a weed that is commonly found in ricefields and roadside in provinces. It is most prevalent in Ilonggo cooking compared to others as it is mostly the Ilonggos who can recognize lupo, though maybe called differently in other places.


Most commonly used in laswa or monggo dishes to add greens like kamote tops, it also makes a good partner in sinabawan na isda recipes. It has hints of bitterness but don’t expect it to be ampalaya-bitter like.


There were actually cancer cure properties present in this weed (vegetable). Local indigenous vegetable “lupo” which grows in the riceland. Some call it “hilamon” meaning weeds or grasses but these veggies contain one of the highest chlorophyll and fiber to clean one’s digestive system and nourish our body–and help stop cancer specially the dreadful c.a. of the colon.


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Source: Flavours Of Iloilo



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