Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Philippines May Ban Madonna For Disrespecting Flag

The Philippines is studying the possibility of banning the international star Madonna from being able to perform here in the county after she allegedly ‘disrespected‘ the country’s flag in her concert. Her concert was held last week in Manila. It was one of the historical concerts since the tickets are costly.

However, not all people are happy with some parts of her performance. There are some people who pushes for her to be banned after she draped the flag of the Philippines.
According to the spokesman of the AFP Herminio Coloma, “Malacañang is keen on banning Grammy award winner and Queen of Pop Madonna from performing in the Philippines for disrespecting the Philippine flag in her concert.”

Based on the law that was made in 1998, wearing the Philippine flag ‘in whole or in part as a costume or uniform’ can be punished for being in jail for one year. Now, the star is not yet giving her reaction towards this flag controversy. The authorities of the Philippines also suggested that the organizers of the show must be sanctioned as well.

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