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Mosaics Made From Insects and Fish? These Fish And Insect Artwork Will Surely Mesmerize You

Nature can seem chaotic and messy but for Christopher Marley, the author of the book “Biophilia”, the world is full of beautiful and intricate things that can be put to order, cleanliness, and composition.

“A major aspect of my work is cleaning up man’s perception of the natural world, to make it more structural, to make it more approachable to the initislly timid, ” Marley said. “Althoughbthere’s a place in the art world for negative emotions or for shock, my objective is wholly to increase a love and appreciation for the aesthetics of organisms”.

Chistopher Marley is an artist/designer known for his fascinating mosaics of insects and butterflies. At first, he used yo br scared of
bugs but later on, he used them as inspiration for his masterpiece.


He pays collectors from all over the world and studies those specimens like jewels. “I started noticing them as a design element. And I just fell in love with them,” Marley said. Some say his art is helping carve out a niche industry of local collectors who are dedicated to preserving their habitats.

Now, let us take a look at his fascinating masterpieces–



Origins: Laos, Indonesia, Tanzania, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, France

It took several different species (beetles, scarabs, butterflies, and dragonflies) to compose this purple prism. The intricate placement of each bug is crucial to maintaining the balance of the piece.

Origins: Peru

Clearwings butterflies are naturally transparent; the shadows from layering their wings create an optical illusion.



Origins: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan

With such critters names as “Golden Chafers,” “Shining Leaf Beetles,” “Metallic Wood-Boring Beetles,” and “Lime Weevils,” it’s no wonder this piece looks like jewelry.



Origins: Thailand, Indonesia, Cameroon, Malaysia

Speckled Longhorn Beetles and delicate mint-colored butterflies create a kaleidoscope illusion in this soothing prism.



Origins: Worldwide

Tropical fish lose their coloring when they pass away. Marley uses a combination of chemicals to preserve their vibrant colors and patterns.



Origins: Peru, Philippines, United States

Five species of butterflies, including the Apricot Sulphur and Orange Barred Sulphur, helped create this sun-kissed artwork.



Origins: Worldwide

If Christopher Marley had a favorite composition, this would be it. Various species, including butterflies, beetles, and wasps, all dazzle the eye with their striking features.

What inspires him so much? Watch this:

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