Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Mystica’s Second Video Against Mayor Duterte And Her Bashers

Mystica has been the center of attention of all netizens these past few days because of her video attacking Mayor Duterte and supporters. A lot of negative reactions came out and the singer was bashed badly. She was trying to convince everybody not to cast their votes to the Mayor, but netizens find her just being a crazy attention seeker. She also shared an experience about her father being killed right in her eyes, but several netizens said that Duterte doesn’t have to do with her personal issue. Some called her insane, addict and out of the public eye, that’s why she is just making ill noises.

Less than a week after her controversial video, Mystica again released a digital recording of retaliation to her bashers and to Duterte. She pointed out that she was just fighting for what is right. The singer also mentioned about her goals which are justice and freedom. She also stated that she is very concerned about her security, so as her family. Before the video ends, she was crying and begging the public not to trash the liberty that we have now and think twice about voting for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte:

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