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How To Make “Nam nam Fruit Tea” And Its Amazing Benefits On Our Health

Nam nam or nam nam fruit is native to Malaysia and it can be found in South East Asia, India and Sri Lanka. It is classified in the same family of the common “groundnut” or peanut.

This fruit is somewhat flattened and usually semicircle or kidney-shaped. The surface of the pod is rough and wrinkled. It is dull green and will turn yellowish-brown when it matures.

The single, flat seed is similar shaped to the fruit pod and is yellow to brown, depending on the ripeness of the fruit. The flesh is edible and it tastes sour and mildly sweet. But it is not popular for fresh consumption as it is cultivated in some countries mainly for the seed’s oil that can be used for medicinal purposes.

Nam nam fruit tea recipe:

4 cups water
2 slices namnam fruit

Tips and Techniques
The amounts of bael fruit slices and water are just approximations to start with. Adjust either ingredient as you like.

There are 2 parts to making the tea; toasting the nam nam fruit and turning it into tea.

Toast nam nam fruit either on a grill over your stove or toast it in a toaster oven. Either way, it should take no more than one minute. There will be some burnt parts.

Making Tea
Microwave Method: Microwave is the easiest; put the toasted slice of nam nam fruit in a tea mug or cup with water. Heat it until it boils.

Hot Water Method: Boil hot water and pour it over the toasted nam nam fruit that is placed in a tea cup.

Traditional Boiling Method: Drop the toasted nam nam fruit slices into the pot. Add water and boil for at least 2 minutes. This method brings out the most flavor.

Health Benefits Of Nam nam fruit tea:
1. Prevents Constipation
2. Reduce Weight
3. High Blood Pressure
4. Relief Indigestion
5. Suit for person who suffer from Diabetes
6. Release Tension

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