Saturday,23 February,2019
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Oh my gahhd! This is Genius: How to Seal your Chip Bag without a Clip

Have you ever experienced eating soggy chips because you do not want to throw them? Have you ever find difficulty in maintaining the crispness of your chips since you do not know how to seal your chip bag? Well, the solution is never so complicated nor intricate. You will just need to think of a practicable way of folding the chip bag so that you will never experience eating soggy chips. You would not think of wasting your money anymore on buying them.

Oh my gahhd! This is Genius: How to Seal your Chip Bag without a Clip

Watch this video and you will see how you can neatly close your snack bags to keep your food fresh. Your food would not anymore go bad for you have already learned how to seal the chip bags properly.

The video teaches you easy and quick tip on how to make your chips crispy and not soggy. First, you need to squeeze the air properly. Do not allow the air to stay in the bag for oxygen spoils the food. Then, after you have squeezed all the air, fold the bag 2-3 times and fold it in such a way that it does not become too distorted. After which, you fold both ends towards the center. Finally, turn the folded ones inside out.

So, you will not anymore be bothered of your chips getting spoil or soggy because you do not know how to seal your chip bag properly.

Money is not anymore your issue because it turns out that you have already known the practical way of sealing your chip bags properly. In that way, things will not anymore become complicated.

You could get to know more about practical tips on the internet. One of these tips is this one which practically talks about sealing your chip bags properly. So, how about following this tip for future use? Well, get involved and be practical.

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