Tuesday,18 June,2019
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When We Focus On Our Neighbor’s Hunger, We Discover There Are Ways To Feed Everyone.

Each of us has a mission on earth. Our mission is not just to thrive on earth full of challenges and catastrophes but we are here to become a steward of life by helping our neighbors in our own special ways. We should live by the idea that by giving, we will be able to be of great help to other people especially those who are needy and poor. In our daily life’s encounters, we learn that helping others is a must because in these days of trials and tapestries, the world needs generous men.

When we focus on our neighbor’s hunger, we discover there are ways to feed everyone.

It has been said that one will never be poor by giving. By giving, we could be able to share love and care to humanity. No matter how small we give, it is still considered to be of great to other people. So, there is really a genuine reason behind why we should help other people. That is, to remind us that sharing is loving.

One aspect of this video which touches the viewers is its ability to communicate one of the greatest values that must be inculcated on us. That is the values of sharing and helping others who are in need.

As for the animated video, it teaches us about our struggles to feed ourselves not minding the hunger of other people. It is a very good campaign because the organization focuses on helping the people especially those who are dying and hungry. It led us to think of the various ways on helping others through feeding, and making them happy even in our own simple ways.

Around the globe, there are lots of people who suffer from hunger. What they need is simply our helping hands and our generous spirit. We should give praise to Caritas for the commendable initiative to help and reach out to other people. So, it is high time for us to help!

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