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Numerous Uses And Benefits Of “Peperomia Pellucida” Commonly Known As “Pansit- pansitan” In The Philippines

Pansit-pansitan plant can grow wild but also grown as ornamental foliage. Pansit-pansitan is characterized by its shiny heart shaped leaves about 4 cm in length, growing from an erect translucent green stalks.

Pansit-pansitan (Peperomia pellucida Linn) is a common fleshy shallow rooted herb that has been used as food item as well as a medicinal herb. The entire plant is edible both cooked or raw. Pansit-pansitan has taken its niche in the folkloric herbal medicine providing health benefits for gout, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

This plant is known for the following health benefits:

>Eye inflammation,
>Sore throat,
>Prostate problems,
>High blood pressure,
>Skin boils,
>Skin inflammation,
>Abdominal pains ,
>Renal problems,
>Mental excitement disorder.

It can be harvested, washed and eaten as fresh salad. Taken as a salad, pansit-pansitan helps relive rheumatic pains and gout. An infusion or decoction (boil 1 cup of leaves/stem in 2 cups of water) can also be made and taken orally – 1 cup in the morning and another cup in the evening.

Pansit-pansitan tea can be prepared by collecting stems and leaves mixed with boiled water or formed into poultice to be applied topically over skin wounds and inflammation.

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