Monday,17 June,2019
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“Pass the Salt Please” — Short Video about Technology and Relationships

There is nothing wrong with technology as long as it doesn’t harm people nor deviate us from our social behavior. When technology is applied in any of our gadgets, we have become dependent on the things that they could offer to us to the point that we have become lazy of doing things. Almost in all countries, people have been addicted to using various gadgets in their daily lives such as tablets, computers, cellular phones and many others. Often, these gadgets help us in many ways especially in connecting to our loved ones in the other side of the globe. However, we could not ignore the fact that technology has posted several disadvantages to human life.

wattalyf dad angry

As played in the video, you could see how technology affects our social behavior. When the father asks one of his sons to pass the salt, his son passes the pepper since the son doesn’t pay attention to his father. This is because he is so engrossed in using his smartphone while eating. The father gets irritated and wants to confront his son while the mother just smiles at his husband. But, instead of confronting his son, it turns out to be hilarious when he gets his typewriter and starts calling the attention of his son.

The video just makes us realize that social etiquette especially during eating must be imposed to our children at young age. When they get accustomed to the rules, they would no longer find it difficult to make necessary adjustments since they have embraced the rules already.

Though our world has been influenced by technological advancements, the roles of parents should always come to play. If parents guide their children, they would eventually find it easy to manage them though they were influenced by technology and globalization. In fact, technology doesn’t really harm us when use appropriately and contextually.

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