Sunday,16 June,2019
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This Is How Your Acne Or Pimple Forms Under Your Skin- Must Watch

All acne is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, which is made of a hair follicle, sebaceous gland, and a hair. These units are found everywhere on the body except on the palms, soles, top of the feet, and the lower lip. The number of pilosebaceous units is greatest on the face, upper neck, and chest.

Sebaceous glands produce a substance called sebum, which is responsible for keeping the skin and hair moisturized. In this video below, you will see how pimples or acne appear and form in your skin in just a simple thing you are not aware of that can cause pimple in your face. Pimples form when dead skin cells mix with excess oil (sebum). This mixture plugs the pore, causing swelling. Bacteria can grow in the mix and lead to infection and pus.

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