Sunday,16 June,2019
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Bra Tips: Ladies, Here Are The Proper Way Of Folding And Storing Your Bras

Many women are very used to wearing bras. They are sort of necessary modest covering for their breasts. Without these lovely pieces of lingerie, one may feel uncomfortable especially in public. But some women just hang them in overcrowded closet without preserving their best condition. They did not seem very hygienic when it comes to these garments.

Bras need your tender-loving-care too. You should wash your bra before you wear it the next time especially if it’s a sports bra. And how do you fold them to avoid being squished or ruined? How do you store bras at home? Probably, you’ve been doing the wrong folding and storing ever since. This video may be helpful to you. Here, an experienced fashion professional will give you cool tips. Watch the video below.

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