Monday,27 May,2019
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Proud Teen Mom Shares Her Journey On How She Finished Her Studies Despite Having A Kid

This generation most women get pregnant at the age of 15-19. Though this is not our parents want for us, there are times that they continue to support all the decisions we have made.

Teenage pregnancy is still the hottest topic in our society. Many people are still being tested.

While other students in school talk behind her back, Filipina teen Emjhe Guererro did not let their rude stares and hurtful words hamper her from finishing her studies. Through morning sickness and difficulties in going to school with a huge belly, she did not waver. She never too a break from school even if it meant attending her classes with a pregnant belly. On May 24 she gave birth to her beautiful daughter.

Despite the challenges, she did not to reach her goal: to finish her studies and make her parents proud. She made her child and inspiration. Thus, with the full support of her loving parents, she was able to graduate.



She shares her story in facebook post to encourage teen MOms to continue living their dreams even if they have already a baby.

Some people commented that Guererro was able to finish her school because her family is rich while some condemned her post to encourage young people to get pregnant even they are still studying.


A good example of a woman who doesn’t stop her goals in life who had a teenage pregnancy. A woman who had a nice vision towards life. Worth sharing and inspiring woman in this generation.

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