Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Cleaning Crayon Marks Off Painted Walls Is Not As Hard As You Think. Here’s The Simple Way To Get It Off

Our little ones love to color. And who can blame them? Children of all ages love to draw and paint. Their creativity cannot be curbed. One way to show that creative spark is by taking crayons to the walls of our home. Funny but they express themselves openly by coloring, writing, and painting the walls of the rooms and even their bodies.

Children should be given lots of opportunities but sometimes clearing up with what they’ve mess needs a lot of effort. Maybe some of you can relate to this. Seeing crayon marks in the painted walls can give you headache. But don’t panic. Having dish detergent, automotive lubricant, rag, sponge, and bucket of warm water at hand, you can clean crayon marks off painted walls. Watch this

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(h/t: Howcast)

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