Tuesday,21 May,2019
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This Spice Is Capable Of Improving Your Vision And You Need To Include It In Your Food

Our eyes are one of the most precious body parts God has given. Without it, we could not appreciate the beauty of life, the people around us and the places we have been through. People who got blinded exactly knows the struggle without eyesight. So, it’s very important that we take good care of our eyes.

Or diet plays a great role in our health. And by eating the right foods, we can be very healthy. Saffron is said to be a very helpful spice for the eyes. One study revealed that saffron has properties that can stop vision loss, making your eyesight in good condition. Saffron can also cure several eye problems which are common to elderly people.

You may consume saffron by making it as tea. Watch the video below to see how you can make it.

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H/T: www.cuisineandhealth.com

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