Monday,27 May,2019
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Looking For Love? See How Millionaires Find True Love In China

Countries have different customs and traditions when it comes to courting, love, and marriage. In the Philippines for instance, if a man wants to be taken seriously by a woman, he has to visit the woman’s family and introduce himself formally to the parents of the girl. Culturally, one gentlemanly way of seeking the attention of a woman is not to be done by the admirer by approaching her in the street to casually ask for her address or telephone number.

In China however, internet has changed the way people date. Through that, rich businessmen and millionaires can seek the help of matchmaker to find their dream girl. Recently, picky, busy millionaires pay a price for love hunters to them help find their perfect wife. They hire love hunters whose jobs are to pursuit people down in the street and set them up for a life of wedded bliss with super rich bachelors. Watch the video below to find out how these love-hunters do the task of setting them up.

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