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When You Feel These Symptoms, Your Liver Might Not Be Functioning Well

Our liver plays an important role in keeping our body health. It is a vital organ that has a lot of functions which include cleansing the blood, secreting bile that is needed for digestion and storing glycogen, a sugar which is used to produce energy. That’s why liver should be protected well.

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But due to many unhealthy foods and bad habits, the kidney is being damaged. Too much drinking, eating processed foods, and medical conditions are some of the causes of liver failure. And when it happens, the body will no longer be in its good condition. A lot of complications can also occur.

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Liver damage needs an urgent treatment, so it’s important that you detect it as early as possible. To do it, you must know the early sign and symptoms of the health issue.


If you don’t want to address this issue late, you should be aware of this signs and symptoms. In that way, you can cure it before the condition worsen.

Here are the early signs of liver damage:

  1. Yellow Skin– Yellowing of skin is the first sign of liver damage.
  2. Bloating– Sudden bloating of stomach can also be a sign of liver failure.
  3. Abdominal pain– Pain in the abdomen as well as in the stomach might indicate that your liver is not functioning well.
  4. Changes in stool and urine– While this may sound gross, you should check your stool or urine. If your poop is pale and thin, and your urine is foamy and dark, then you need to have your liver checked
  5. Acid reflux– If this happens to often, then consider consulting your physician because it might be also a sign of liver damage.

Although these signs and symptoms don’t usually mean something serious, you should still be aware of what they indicate. It’s better to be sure than to suffer in the future.

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