Friday,19 April,2019
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Early Signs Of Vision Loss That Most People Would Tend To Ignore

If you lost your vision, everything will change. Your lifestyle, the way you deal with people, the things that you used to do. You know it’s not easy, but with proper eye care, you can prevent it from happening. We also need to pay attention to our eyes because it could be a sign of vision loss.

Below are the signs of vision loss that you should never ignore. These signs are warnings that there is something wrong in your eyes and you should immediately go to the doctor. While these signs might not really indicate something serious, it’s better that you should consult your physician.

Check out the signs below.

1. Dry Eyes
dry eyes

2. Drooping Eyelid
drooping eyelid

3. Cataracts

4. Discharge

5. Bleeding

6. Floaters

7. Foreign Object
foreign object

8. Redness

9. Stye

10. Watery Eyes
watery eyes

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