Monday,27 May,2019
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Reasons Why Intelligent People Don’t Take Revenge

Hands down, the best thing about vengeance. You can frighten them into thinking that you would hurt them in a bad, bad way, while you are in a cafe, calming sipping on some frappucino. This would mess with their minds, and they would be constantly on the look out, imagining and projecting every incident as something bad against them. They would die a thousand deaths before they actually died.

Karma messes up everyone. You could be planning the greatest heist of all time, but karma would trump you with a meaner stick. So, why don’t you let karma work while it is gleefully planning your revenge? Learn to play the violin, work out, read some Dostoevsky, learn painting, and eat healthy, while Karma torments your victims to an edge in their lives. You might get a conscience after seeing them down and forlorn, but Karma never will.

Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold, but only when you let Karma cool it and serve it. Trying to tempt fate by taking matters in your hands would never be as successful as you would dream it to be.

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