Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Story of a mother. This is so beautiful. I am crying.

I love you, Mom. This line would simply evoke hundreds of emotions from us. Though the line is simple, the message it sends to all of us is extraordinarily beautiful. It would leave us crying, remembering the days with our own mother who has been our light as we trudge the paths of our dreams. Our mother is our greatest idol. We love her for carrying us in her womb for nine long months. She has been taking good care of us from the day we saw the spark of light on earth until we grow up to become fine gentlemen and ladies. Even in our family life, our mother has been there to give us advice especially when we encounter problems that we could not bear for a moment.

Story of a mother. This is so beautiful. I am crying

Our mother has sacrificed a lot. She risked her life just to let us see the beauty of the earth we live. Her sacrifices never stop because she continues to be with us till she passes away. Watching this video will remind you of the delicious memories with your mother. You got to see her as a beautiful individual whose life has intertwined with us. Her grace under pressure is really exemplary and commendable. Her callous hands and her wrinkles remind us of the many years of her hardships for our own good.

This video tells us of how a mother bears everything for her own child but still she continues to be beautiful in the eyes of a man. Even though people talked behind her back, she would not mind because she was protecting her child from anyone or anything that might harm her. Truly, the sacrifice she bears is incomparable to any sacrifice on this earth.

Indeed, our mother is our superwoman. She has been our dear protector, and our solace in times of pain.

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