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Numerous Health Benefits And Therapeutic Uses Of “Sword Fern (Bayabang)

Once established in the garden, caring for sword ferns is easy. They are drought resistant and usually don’t require much in the way of water, except during the first year after planting when they should be kept evenly moist.

Bayabang in tagalog is a terrestrial or epiphytic fern. Rhizomes are densely clothed with brownish scales, with fleshy, egg-shaped tubers.

This can be found at all altitudes in Batanes Islands in the Provinces of Bontoc, Benguet, Ifugao, Zambales, Nueva Ecija, Bataan, Pampanga, Rizal, and Laguna in Luzon; and in Cotobato, Lanao, and Zamboanga Provinces in Mindanao.

– In Nepal, fresh and roasted tubers are consumed by locals. Tubers are eaten to quench thirst.
– In India, young leaves are cooked as vegetable.
• Decoction of fresh fronds for fever due to cold, chronic coughing, enteritis-diarrhea, infantile convulsions.
• In India, herb is used for cough and skin diseases.
• In Tamil Nadu the bulb or tuber extract is taken for stomach upsets and urinary problems.
• Rhizome used as antibacterial; for coughs, rheumatism, chest congestion, anorexia.
• Pinnae used for coughs, wounds and treatment of jaundice.
• In Nepal , juice of root tubers taken for fever, indigestion, headache, cough, cold and hematuria. Whole plant used for kidney, liver and skin disorders.
• In India local tribal women use extract of rhizome once during the menstrual period to cause permanent sterility.

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