Wednesday,19 June,2019
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Amazing Health Benefits We Can Get From Drinking Okra Water

Okra is a well known vegetable, which is grown and consumed in almost every part of the world. Commonly known as “Lady Finger”, okra is a nutritious and healthy vegetable. The taste of okra depends [...]

Astonishing Health Benefits We Can Get From Eating Water Spinach or “Kangkong”

Water spinach is an inexpensive vegetable usually found near the river or swamps. It is popular in South East Asian countries including in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Although it is considered as an [...]

The Best Way To Tackle Anemia Is By Consuming These 12 Foods- Effective

Many types of anemia can be mild, short term, and easily treated. You can even prevent some types with a healthy diet. Other types can be treated with dietary supplements. However, certain types of anemia [...]