Saturday,25 May,2019
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Lucky Reasons Why We Should Not Get Rid Of “House Lizard”

It is said that God speaks to devotees through several modes, one of the most prominent modes being the vocalising made by the lizards. In some homes, it is still believed that their ancestors and [...]

Good Reasons To Drink More Carabao Milk

The carabao is a swamp-type domestic water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) found in the Philippines. Water buffaloes were probably introduced to the Philippines by Malay immigrants around 300 to 200 BCE. It is considered the national [...]

Common Houseplants That Are Poisonous To Dogs And Cats That Everybody Should Know Before Its Too Late

Not all houseplants are so cat- or dog-friendly. Many cause intestinal, stomach and skin issues or mouth irritation, to name just a few symptoms. Fortunately, they aren’t likely to kill an animal unless they eat [...]

Take A Look At This Strange Armor-Like Scales Fish Found In Amazon River

The Amazon River is a water system where everything eats everything else. Meet the baddest fish in the world’s biggest river. The amazon is filled with all kinds of river monsters and we all know [...]

Amazing Ape Shows Its Karate Moves- Very Impressive

Karate is an ancient martial art built around self-defense that originates from Japan and China. It has become extremely popular worldwide, and has many variations. Understanding and practicing basic karate can be achieved by learning [...]

Smartest Elephant Make His Self- Portrait Painting Using Its Own Trunk

Elephants are extremely intelligent animals and have memories that span many years. It is this memory that serves matriarchs well during dry seasons when they need to guide their herds, sometimes for tens of miles, [...]

Take A Look At This Adorable Hamster Eating Carrot- So Cute

Hamster behavior varies depending on their environment, genetics, and interaction with people. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera. They have become established as popular small house pets and partly [...]

Look Like It’s Real: Two Funny Dogs Waiting For Their Orders And Dining Like Human

Most of the teeth in a human’s mouth are flat and designed to facilitate chewing, most of the teeth in a dog’s mouth are pointed, and designed to allow a dog to grab its food [...]

How This Dog Shows Love And Care To A Child With Down Syndrome Will Surely Melt Your Heart

People who inherit an unbalanced translocation involving chromosome 21 may have extra genetic material from chromosome 21, which causes Down syndrome. Like trisomy 21, mosaic Down syndrome is not inherited. It occurs as a random [...]

Can You Do It: Try To Ignore Their Cuteness And Charm And We Will See If You Will Win

What makes things ‘cute’ has always been difficult to pin down. When you see a cute baby, most of us will have this feeling that you want to get, kiss or hug that kid. Know [...]