Monday,20 May,2019
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At First This Cute Baby Girl Hesitate To Eat The Cake Until She Try It

The birthday cake has been an integral part of the birthday celebrations. This has been a tradition since the Ancient Romans were around, and celebrating someone’s birth with a delicious pastry seems pretty logical. Yes, [...]

Yes! This Is Possible: Baking A Cake Using Rice Cooker- Amazing

When you hear the word rice cooker, what comes into your mind? Most of us think that it is used for cooking rice. If you think about it, the rice cooker works similarly in principle [...]

Try To Do This Awesome IPAD Cake For Celebration

It is very important in cake decoration to analyze well what kind of decor you give because it is the symbol of the event on the day of your celebration. It’s easy to see when [...]

You Can Make This Cake At Home Using Only Two Ingredients

Most cake recipes require a lot of ingredients. But do you know that you can also make the dessert using only two ingredients? It may sound impossible, but you too can do it in your [...]