Tuesday,18 June,2019
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It’s Not The Children, It’s The Husband

Unfortunately, for many women, as demanding as motherhood can be, their husbands can have an even greater impact on their stress levels. In fact, a survey conducted by Today of over 7,000 moms found that [...]

Dangers That Might Happen To Your Children’s Health When They Eat Fast Food

In a society that functions at a high speed, fast food has quickly been adopted as the preferred food of choice. Fast food restaurants and their advertisements are permeating our neighborhoods, schools, television, and culture. [...]

Parents Should Know: This Is How Much Sleep Your Child Needs To Be Healthy

Sleep is vital for the health as it has effects that keep our mind and body healthy. It conditions our body for the next day, it helps us relax and rest, so we can be [...]

Here Are The 10 Illegal Baby Names Banned In Some Countries That Everybody Should Know

A given name is a part of a person’s full nomenclature. It identifies a specific person, and differentiates that person from other members of a group, such as a family or clan, with whom that [...]

Here Comes The King Of Twerking: Meet Bugoy Cariño Dancing “Twerk It Like Miley” With Ella Cruz

Rogel Kyle Cariño Jr. (born September 3, 2002), better known as Bugoy Cariño, is a Filipino child actor. He joined Star Circle Kid Quest, a television search for young talented kids, in 2009 and emerged [...]

This Unknown Kid Singing Domino By Jessie J Will Surely Amaze You With His Forceful Voice

Some of our famous Filipino singers today were discovered with this kind of scenery. They will sing in the streets or malls, after that, some people will took a video and upload it in a [...]

How This Dog Shows Love And Care To A Child With Down Syndrome Will Surely Melt Your Heart

People who inherit an unbalanced translocation involving chromosome 21 may have extra genetic material from chromosome 21, which causes Down syndrome. Like trisomy 21, mosaic Down syndrome is not inherited. It occurs as a random [...]