Monday,20 May,2019
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Kids Trying To Dress Themselves For The First Time

There’s something undeniably cute about watching kids trying to dress themselves – because they just can’t help but mess it up. Hell, I’m a grown ass man with a wife and a kid and I’m [...]

Adorable 11 Month Old Twins Starts Dancing When Their Daddy Plays The Guitar- So Cute

If there is one thing that’s guaranteed to make your face hurt from smiling, it’s babies dancing. Seriously, can you think of anything cuter? There isn’t anything much cuter than adorable babies dancing. This clever [...]

Cute Little Girl Singing “A Thousand Years” While Her Brother Plays The Guitar- So Adorable

Before this aspiring young singer joined the competition she was just an ordinary school girl aiming a spotlight in showbiz. She already joined a TV show, as she participated in the “Mini Me” segment of [...]

The Other Side Of Kristel Fulgar And Sue Ramirez Singing Pretty Girl Rock- So Cute And Funny

Kristel Aina Fulgar and Sue Ramirez are both in the remake of Pangako Sa’yo. Kristel plays the role of Ichu, the cousin of Ligaya played by Sue Ramirez. Kristel Fulgar became more popular when she [...]

Learn How To Make Button Bowl: Cute DIY Craft That You Will Surely Love

When you heard the word “buttons”, what comes into your mind? Usually, buttons are most often attached to articles of clothing. It is a fastener commonly made of plastics, wood, metal, or seashell which secures [...]

Ideal Family: This Is How Doug Kramer Says Sorry To His Daughter Scarlett- So Cute

Team Kramer has gone a long way and you probably have laughed a lot of times with them watching the children being their innocent selves in videos and pictures. Their family shares a chunk of [...]

At First This Cute Baby Girl Hesitate To Eat The Cake Until She Try It

The birthday cake has been an integral part of the birthday celebrations. This has been a tradition since the Ancient Romans were around, and celebrating someone’s birth with a delicious pastry seems pretty logical. Yes, [...]

Take A Look At This Adorable Hamster Eating Carrot- So Cute

Hamster behavior varies depending on their environment, genetics, and interaction with people. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera. They have become established as popular small house pets and partly [...]

Real Talk With Kids If How They Pray And Communicate To God

Prayer can be a form of religious practice, may be either individual or communal and take place in public or in private. It may involve the use of words, song or complete silence. When language [...]

Best Dubsmash Of Selena Gomez And Jimmy Fallon

Dubsmash is a video messaging app for Android and Apple phones that lets users add soundtracks to videos recorded on their phones – often matching a clip of themselves performing a song or film scene [...]