Monday,20 May,2019
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Carolina Panthers’ Teach Miss Universe Dance Moves At The Superbowl 50 Media Day

Super Bowl 50 was an American football game to determine the champion of the National Football League (NFL) for the 2015 season. The American Football Conference (AFC) champion Denver Broncos defeated the National Football Conference [...]

Turtle Dance With The Beat Of “Shake It Off”- Very Funny

Turtles are cute; some people take turtles as a pet which is illegal in some countries to have a turtle pet. It’s easy to take care of a turtle pet. Turtles are reptiles of the [...]

Adorable 11 Month Old Twins Starts Dancing When Their Daddy Plays The Guitar- So Cute

If there is one thing that’s guaranteed to make your face hurt from smiling, it’s babies dancing. Seriously, can you think of anything cuter? There isn’t anything much cuter than adorable babies dancing. This clever [...]

Here Comes The King Of Twerking: Meet Bugoy Cariño Dancing “Twerk It Like Miley” With Ella Cruz

Rogel Kyle Cariño Jr. (born September 3, 2002), better known as Bugoy Cariño, is a Filipino child actor. He joined Star Circle Kid Quest, a television search for young talented kids, in 2009 and emerged [...]

Meet The Adorable Dancing Boy Of China: Zhang Junhao

We rarely hear the inward music, but we are all dancing to it nevertheless. We usually adhere to this statement and believe that dance has always been a big part of our life. Dance is [...]

This Talented Little Girl Unbelievably Dances Like An Adult

With countless of viral videos of performing kids, it’s no doubt that children nowadays are really talented. Today, kids don’t only have cute faces, but they also have skills that can amaze us. Sometimes, they can [...]