Tuesday,21 May,2019
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Look Who’s The Mentor Here! Is That President Obama Teaching Curry How To Play Basketball? Unbelievable!

As a person, we love exposing ourselves to new things. In our quest to discover the things that will make our heart sings, we did not stop pursuing our passions. For most of us, learning [...]

Serious Talk: Can Birth Month Predict High Disease Risk? Here’s The Answer

Research team at the Columbia University Medical Centre have compared 1,688 diseases to birth dates of 1.7 million New Yorkers and found 55 diseases that correlated with the season of birth. The result of their [...]

Health Care: Here Are Five Eating Habits That You Should Break Right Now

Actions that we do in our daily basis are based on habit. Our habits are deeply embedded in our everyday life. For instance, taking a bath and brushing our teeth are actions that are largely [...]

7 Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life.

Survival also entails practicality. When we learn to be practical, we also learn how to survive in this world. These things might appear so practical that they only need to be discovered in order that [...]