Wednesday,26 June,2019
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Keeping Pets At Home Has Numerous Benefits For Human Health

Humans love their pets in the same way as they do their children, and the feeling is mutual, scientists have discovered. Researchers found that the same hormone, oxytocin, spikes in both human and canine brains [...]

Common Houseplants That Are Poisonous To Dogs And Cats That Everybody Should Know Before Its Too Late

Not all houseplants are so cat- or dog-friendly. Many cause intestinal, stomach and skin issues or mouth irritation, to name just a few symptoms. Fortunately, they aren’t likely to kill an animal unless they eat [...]

Look Like It’s Real: Two Funny Dogs Waiting For Their Orders And Dining Like Human

Most of the teeth in a human’s mouth are flat and designed to facilitate chewing, most of the teeth in a dog’s mouth are pointed, and designed to allow a dog to grab its food [...]

Witness How Amazing These 120 Hunting Dogs Being Fed Up

A hunting dog refers to a canine that hunts with or for humans. There are several types of hunting dogs developed for various tasks. If you’re looking for a great companion, then any dog can [...]

This Little Boy Playing With Puppies Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

We love dogs not because they are intelligent and fast learners but also because they are friendly and caring. Playing with them can make use happy and can relieve stress. While most adults know that [...]

Animals are also affectionate and friendly… Dog passes out from overwhelming joy.

Too much of something is dangerous. This is true when this dog passes out after a reunion with its boss who has returned home after 2 years which is actually equivalent to 14 years in [...]

A contaminating laughs will make you chuckle even louder .

Yes it’s really hysterical and, in fact contaminating! Dogs do it all! While sitting on the floor or on their parents lap, babies are exaggeratedly laughing when their dogs tease or play tricks with them. [...]