Tuesday,18 June,2019
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A Very Important Reasons Why Scientists Link ‪Selfies To Narcissism, ‪Addiction & Mental Illness

The invention of the camera was a cute moment in technological terms. It was a huge one really, but the cuteness is attributed owing to its current use. Gone are the days when moments were [...]

Health Benefits Of Unripe Bananas That No One Might Not Told You About

You can eat the yellow banana immediately after peeling, the green banana is best eaten cooked, either boiled or fried. Nutritionally, the green banana is a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and contains [...]

How To Make “Nam nam Fruit Tea” And Its Amazing Benefits On Our Health

Nam nam or nam nam fruit is native to Malaysia and it can be found in South East Asia, India and Sri Lanka. It is classified in the same family of the common “groundnut” or [...]

Health Benefits Of “Snake Fruit” Commonly Known As “Salak/Alimuran” In The Philippines

Rattan fruit in the central (sort of northern) part of Luzon. It’s called kayapi in the Visayan areas. Salak or snake fruit in other parts of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Known for [...]

The Numerous Healing Power Of “Blumea Camphor” Better Known As “Sambong” In The Philippines

In the Philippines, where it is most commonly known as sambong, Blumea balsamifera is used in traditional herbal medicine for the common cold and as a diuretic. It is also used for infected wounds, respiratory [...]

Good Reasons Why You Need To Have “Katakataka Plant” In Your Home

A rapid growing juicy herb. Leaves are thick, fleshy and simple or compound in pairs on reddish stems. Plantlets grow along the notches of the leaf margins which can develop while still attached to the [...]

Numerous Health Benefits And Therapeutic Uses Of “Sword Fern (Bayabang)

Once established in the garden, caring for sword ferns is easy. They are drought resistant and usually don’t require much in the way of water, except during the first year after planting when they should [...]

Here’s The Shocking Reason Why You Can Predict Future Events Through Your Dreams

A dream sometimes might show you something unpleasant that might occur if you continue on the path you’re on. You experience the consequences/unpleasantness in your dream, and it allows you to course-correct and make another [...]

Surprising Medicinal Uses Of “Coconut Roots” That No One May Not Told You About

Normally adventitious root system grows surrounding of the plant and few roots penetrate deep in to soil for the stability of the coconut tree. The number of coconut roots occurs on coconut tree is depending [...]

The Famous “Tul-tul” (Organic Salt Blocks) Of Guimaras Island And Its Multiple Health Benefits

Guimaras is an island province in Western Visayas that could be reached when you are in Iloilo through a pumpboat. A warm welcome is always readily available as you step on the Jordan wharf. Guimaras [...]