Monday,27 May,2019
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Kids Were Surprised When Santa Turns Out To Be Their Soldier Dad. Watch This

Father Christmas, Saint Nick or Santa Claus is very symbolic of Christmas. This jolly bearded man in red has been an important part of our Christmas celebration– greatly known for his gift-giving role in Christmas [...]

See This Goddess-looking McDonald’s Girl And How She Becomes An Internet Celebrity

Celebrity is fame and public attention in the media. These days, it is a lot easier to become a celebrity. Social media makes it easier and faster to connect with large groups of people. Getting [...]

Try To Witness How Funny Americans Sing Filipino Song “Halik” By Aegis

Aegis is a band in the Philippines. Their successful singles include “Luhà” (“Tears”), “Halík” (“Kiss”), and “Basáng-basâ sa Ulán” (“Drenched in the Rain”). This band is a Filipino band of six members, composed of 4 [...]