Tuesday,21 May,2019
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It’s Not The Children, It’s The Husband

Unfortunately, for many women, as demanding as motherhood can be, their husbands can have an even greater impact on their stress levels. In fact, a survey conducted by Today of over 7,000 moms found that [...]

Two Main Reasons Why Manny Pacquiao Confirms His Retirement

The trilogy of the Pacquiao-Bradley has been concluded with a unanimous decision in favor of the Filipino boxing champ. Fans were not disappointed by the outcome of each round, because the boxers really exerted all [...]

World’s Biggest Family: Man Has 39 Wives, 94 Children And 33 Grandchildren

Having 10 children is already difficult, but what more if you have 94? While it sounds impossible to have that number of children, one man in India has actually 94 children with different wives. Many [...]

Here Are The 10 Illegal Baby Names Banned In Some Countries That Everybody Should Know

A given name is a part of a person’s full nomenclature. It identifies a specific person, and differentiates that person from other members of a group, such as a family or clan, with whom that [...]

Watch How Vietnamese Make Their Unique Street Food- Waterfall Fried Chicken

Eating together is a way of life in Vietnam. You see it in the men, women and children crowded around food stalls for a quick bite during the day, or in the way a dozen [...]

Ideal Family: This Is How Doug Kramer Says Sorry To His Daughter Scarlett- So Cute

Team Kramer has gone a long way and you probably have laughed a lot of times with them watching the children being their innocent selves in videos and pictures. Their family shares a chunk of [...]