Tuesday,21 May,2019
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Benefits And Importance Of Having Sense Of Humor

Humor is good for your physical health. Some research shows that laughter can improve your resistance to diseases by declining the stress hormones and increasing infection-fighting antibodies in your body. Besides, laughter can ease the [...]

Learn How To Make DIY Creative Stocking Flower In Your Home- Very Easy

If you want a hobby that is fun and rewarding, cheap, easy, and fun, then handmade stocking flowers is an easy craft to learn. One thing while working with wires to make stocking flowers you [...]

UNESCO Declares Albay A Biosphere Reserve- WOW!

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recently added Albay to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Albay was proclaimed along with 19 other sites on Saturday during their meeting in Peru. It is [...]

In This Video, You Will Learn How To Make Not Just One But Three Best Frozen Drinks Blended With Ice Cubes

Most of us love frozen drinks. We don’t know why but we have that unexpected praise for frozen drinks. Especially during hot summer days, we wanted to get chilled by enjoying fresh, delicious frozen drinks. [...]

Learning How To Draw Bubble Letters In Easy Graffiti Style Lettering Will Give You Satisfying End Result

Have you tried writing your name on notebooks using bubble letters? Or have you tried writing birthday cards using these happy letters? How did it turned out to be? It’s expressive and fun, right? Well, [...]

Wanna Be A Santa This Christmas? This Video Will Show You How To Act Like Santa Himself

When Christmas is approaching, children have Santa on their brain. They started daydreaming about what would be their gifts from this jolly, white bearded man wearing a red coat and who carries a bag full [...]

Notice how these Americans react when they taste Filipino street foods. Funny!

While some tourists are awed by the breathtaking sunset of Boracay, amazed by the dramatic sunrise in the island of Puerto Galera and hooked by the beauty of the underground river in Palawan, these Americans [...]