Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Hair Loss

Never Ignore Hair Loss Because It Could Be A Sign Of Serious Condition

Most of us think that hair loss is a common hair problem. It may be a cause of shampoo and conditioner, but it could also be a cause of a serious health problem. Never ignore it [...]

Worrying About Losing 50-100 Hairs Per Day? Worry No More! Here’s The Natural Remedy That Will Help You Induce Hair Growth

Experiencing hair loss can give you mental stress. Severe hair loss can affect one’s appearance and confidence. Though thinning hair and hair loss are common in women, it might be terrifying seeing less hair on [...]

Natural Ways To Make Hair Grow In Bald Spots

According to a study, men will experience thinning of hair when they turn 50. One of the causes is unhealthy lifestyle, but the most common is genetic trait. Baldness does not make a man less [...]